Tax Deferred Annuities

A Tax Deferred Annuity is one of few retirement investments that offer tax deferred compounding of investment gains.  CD’s and Treasury Bonds are do not- they are taxed every year.

Tax Deferred Annuities offer these advantages, and are popular savings and investment plans for individuals who want to save on a taxes for many years. With a tax deferred annuity, your investment grows and compounds.   Unlike a CD, your earnings are not taxed each year, leaving you with more capital, and greater earnings, year after year. Investors fund tax deferred annuities with a single lump sum (known as “single premium”), or installments (known as “flexible premium”).

The tax deferred annuity is safe, as an approved life insurance company is required to hold reserves at all times equal to the withdrawal value of the annuity contract. In addition, state law requires certain levels of surplus capital also be available for increased protection. For many, a tax deferred annuity makes up the cornerstone of a safety-first retirement plan. For individuals in retirement, the tax deferred annuity is useful to defer taxes prior to needing the dedicated stream of lifetime retirement income.

The Three Main Tax Deferred Annuities:

Fixed Annuity

Fixed Index Annuity

Secondary Market Annuities

For the fixed and fixed indexed annuity, your principal and a minimum rate of interest are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the company issuing the annuity contract.   These annuities provide a higher rate of return over traditional CD and savings plan products, and come with many options you can customize depending on your retirement objectives and financial plans.

Secondary Market Annuities offer tax deferred, compounding yields higher than nearly all other types of annuities.  Like a fixed annuity, Secondary Market Annuities have a guaranteed fixed yield and term.  With deferred income SMA cases, income earned is only realized for tax purposes when it is paid to you.  Therefore, your purchase price accrues, compounds, and grows, all tax deferred.

There are many benefits to tax deferred annuities that we explore in detail throughout this site.  Be sure to sign up to get our Retirement Income The Right Way Report and learn more about the benefits of tax deferred annuities.