What are The Best Annuities?

The term ‘Best Annuities’ is purely a subjective term and depends entirely on your goals.

Selecting the best annuities in the annuity marketplace can be a challenge.  Often times, consumers are only presented with one option from an advisor who has limited choices.

The main point in buying an annuity is that you are insuring your money against financial turmoil, so minor differences between products is irrelevant.  But once you know the outcome you are after, then it’s time to find the best annuity for your situation.

In this section, I’ll outline the products or companies I consider the most competitive in each product class and my reasons for doing so. The results of my analysis is subject to state availability and are open to change without notice.

For current recommendations or other further information on any of these products, be sure to contact us now.

Best Fixed Indexed Annuities For Growth And Asset Protection

We’ll update the best fixed indexed annuity designed for growth and asset protection periodically as needed

Great American Legend III

  • 7 year surrender schedule
  • Cap rates comparable to most 10 year contracts
  • Gold Index option provides nice hedge against inflation and market volatility
  • Very solid renewal rate history

Midland National Endeavor 8

  • 8 year surrender schedule
  • Competitive caps and participation rates
  • Diversity of index options with several global indices available

Integrity Life Indextra 7 or 10

  • 7 or 10 year surrender schedule
  • Blended indices from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan
  • 1,2 and 3 year crediting periods for laddered growth potential

Best Fixed Indexed Annuity Rates

As I tell all of my clients, only pay for guaranteed income if you absolutely need it. There are also plenty of other options that will get the job done so consider using a basic contract for moderate growth.

If you are looking for an excellent asset preservation tool or something less interest rate sensitive than bonds, consider using one of the following contracts to protect a portion of your hard-earned portfolio.

As a caution, it should be stated that many fixed index annuities come with a market value adjustment (MVA). This means if you surrender your contract early  the value will be adjusted based on any changes in interest rates over the term.

An MVA does no harm if withdrawals are within the free allowance and the contract is held to term but you still need to be aware of potential issues.

Best Fixed Indexed Annuities For Income

We’ll update the best fixed indexed annuity geared for income periodically as needed

Best Fixed Indexed Annuity Rates For Income

Many people come to realize they need to lock in lifetime income as the first piece of a solid retirement foundation.

We advocate that people pay for guaranteed income only if you absolutely need it, and here are some of the tools to get the job done.

An important note, we monitor the market and update this list frequently to make sure we offer up to date information on the annuity market as a whole.

If you are interested in strategies for using any contract or would like specific illustrations or projection, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Athene or Fidelity & Guaranty– these two companies usually compete very hard to remain at the top of the list of best deals.  It’s always wise to look for a quote from these two when trying to get the most for your money.  Company credit rating is something you’ll notice as both companies are on the lower tier of investment class institutions.

Midland National– an excellent company with very solid financial strength and offers a contract with performance based guaranteed income that competes well with the popular Allianz 222.  Income figures are comparable and the long-term care extension is a very nice addition, of course subject to state availability.

Integrity Life– if you are looking to find a contract with income payouts near the top of the market but require a high credit rating from the company this is it.  Competitive income figures and excellent financial strength set Integrity apart from many companies.

Best Fixed Annuities

We’ll update the best fixed annuity periodically as needed

Best Fixed Annuity Rates

Rates are slowly rising on fixed rate investments right now so while it may not be too exciting just yet, it’s definitely starting to get better. This is a representation of the market’s best fixed annuity rate for various terms.

If liquidity is a concern, most fixed annuities offer interest only withdrawals on the shorter term contracts but some do offer 5%-10% free withdrawals.

Be aware of the contracts that offer higher rates but trim back the yield for additional benefits like withdrawals or death benefits.

As an alternative to Fixed Annuities, consider Secondary Market Annuities.

Time Horizon 3-7 years

3 yr.       2.75%     Delaware Life

5 yr.       3.7%       Fidelity & Guaranty

7 yr.       3.85%     Fidelity & Guaranty

8 yr.       3.10%     Oxford Life

10 yr.     4.00%     Atlantic Coast Life