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The Annuity Guide

Insure Your Retirement - Report 1

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Video 1: Annuity Straight Talk Guide Series:

Download Your Copy Of The Annuity Guide


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Welcome to the AST family.  We are so glad you took the first step in discovering what’s right for you in the world of annuities.

You can download The Annuity Guide right on this page, and we’ll send it to you by email also. In the next few days we’ll be sending you additional videos and information to help narrow the field to find what’s best for you in retirement. So don’t be a stranger- give us a call, and we look forward to talking with you.

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You insure your house. You insure your car. Why wouldn’t you insure your retirement?

Interestingly enough, using an annuity as part of an overall retirement portfolio provides major benefits that most people don’t consider. Sure, they can provide guaranteed income or safely protect those assets you want to preserve.

But, no matter what your overall objective, annuities and other insurance products – unlike stocks, bonds and mutual funds – have the unique ability to provide you with exactly the right benefits at exactly the right time.

A guarantee in this day and age is a powerful thing and will always be there when you most need it. We are here to show you how this works and why everyone needs at least a portion of their assets guaranteed.

In this report, we detail the various ways annuities can be used to bring stability to an optimized retirement income plan. We also take the analysis one step further, and explore the most important issues consumers will deal with when trying to decide how best to use annuities, and which products to choose.