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5 Critical Decision Factors When Picking Annuities 

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Report #5

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The 5 Critical Decision Factors – Read This Report Before You Purchase An Annuity

When analyzing an annuity contract for purchase, there are 5 critical factors that you need to consider. The careful and thoughtful review of each of these factors will help you to make the best choice for you and your unique situation.

These critical decision factors are:

  1.   Surrender Schedules
  2. The Growth Component
    1.   Fixed Annuity Rates
    2.   Cap and Participation Rates
    3.   Guaranteed Income
  3.   Free Withdrawals
  4.   Bonus Rates
  5.   Issuing Company Credit Rating

In this report, we address: the duration of your contract, how it can grow and accumulates interest credits, the ceilings and floors of interest credits, figuring out if monthly income is your need, determining how much you can withdraw without penalties, bonuses offered by the carriers to buyers, and the underlying credit rating of the issuing company. We examine each of these factors more thoroughly, so that you can reference these crucial points when deciding what is right for your individual needs and goals.

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