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Are Fixed Index Annuities Right For You? 

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Report #3

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The Inner-Workings of Fixed Index Annuities in Simple Terms.

While sometimes viewed as complicated, fixed index annuities can and should be explained in a straightforward way. If you are looking for a safe money solution for your hard earned retirement savings, we are here to help provide you with a solid understanding of how fixed index annuities work, and how you can apply that knowledge to analyzing individual products should you decide to buy one.

In this report, we address how Fixed Index Annuities work, how they are designed, we dispel some common misconceptions, and provide an overview of crediting methods.

The core benefit of a fixed index annuity, and what truly makes it an important retirement planning vehicle, is that the insurance carrier builds principal protection into the contract. Even in a down market, your account is not exposed to losses.

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