Video 1, Index Annuity Series:

Winning Without Losing 

Welcome to the first video in the Annuity Straight Talk index annuity series.

These innovative annuity contracts offer you the potential for gains based on market growth, while simultaneously protecting you from loss.  Many people think this is impossible, but it’s not.  Confusion lies in how it’s explained.

In the latest of Annuity Straight Talks video series, we walk you through just how these contracts work.  After you complete this five-part series, you’ll be an “Expert Annuity Consumer.” Most likely, you will know more than most agents out there selling these products.

Over the course of this five-part video series, we will show you:
• How annuities work in a retirement portfolio
• The true value of FIAs in different market scenarios
• The importance of winning without ever losing
• How you make money in an annuity contract
• How the insurance company protects your money
• What is guaranteed in an annuity contract and what is not
• The meaning and importance of income riders, death benefits, and long-term care

We hope you enjoy this educational video sequence. When you are ready to take the next step and find the right index annuity contract for your unique situation, please give us a call or use the form on the right to tell us a good time for us to call you.

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