Video 3, Index Annuity Series:

Protecting Your Money

In this video, we detail how the insurance company protects your money.  As annuities are insurance products, there are costs associated with annuity ownership. Along with outlining these costs, this video provides an overview of the guarantees you will receive in return.

Today, we take a look at caps, participation rates and spreads and how they provide a guide for:

  • How much interest you can receive
  • How much you can benefit from market gains, and
  • The potential fees that you may incur

We examine what you can really expect from you annuity contract and how the insurance company makes that happen for you.

Stay tuned. In the next video, we examine the important difference between the Account Value and the Income Benefit Account Value and the different riders that are available for purchase and what they can provide for you in the way of additional benefits.

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