Video 5, Index Annuity Series:

Find the Annuity Made For You

In video 5, here we sew it all together.  How an index annuity works, how it works for you, and what benefits and added features are important and useful to your situation. We answer our most-asked questions. Essentially, we get down to the brass tacks of selecting an annuity that is right for you by:

  • Helping you to identify your needs
  • Explaining the Annuity Straight Talk strategy
  • And, taking a look at the five crucial annuity decision-making factors

At the end of this video, you’re ready to call yourself a true expert!  And, we would like to email you a personalized Expert Annuity Consumer certificate.

Use the form on the right to confirm your name and email address.  We will send you your certificate in short order.  And, if you are ready to get started working with us, use this same form let us know a good time for us to call you.  We look forward to helping you find the right annuity for your unique situation.

Annuity Straight Talk calendar

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