Matching Annuity Philosophy

The goal of retirement income planning is to provide income for life but matching your retirement income strategy to your specific needs can be a challenge. In this episode, Bryan Anderson is joined by a retirement income expert, Steve Price, to offer his insights into the importance of finding the right income planning for you—and why annuity is one of the best options to look for. 

Bryan and Steve also cover how retirees can match their desired retirement income levels and options for building and protecting their retirement income. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [06:48] Choosing your advisor and setting your expectations
  • [10:05] What is a ‘Moatfolio’
  • [15:17] Why retirees have a fear of spending (Spend-a-phobia)
  • [20:59] The difference between insurance and investments philosophies
  • [22:32] Finding the most appropriate approach for your needs and strategies
  • [23:52] Insights on creating more freedom and flexibility with annuities

Key quotes:

  • [22:03] “There is no one product that solves all problems and you really need some exposure in all of those industries and products” -Steve Price
  • [22:44] “You have to be agnostic when you go into your planning and not care what product comes out the other end, you’re just looking for the right solution, right?” -Steve Price
  • [25:48} But it’s the idea of not worrying about it when it goes down because you have another place to draw money. You can give it the time it needs to recover, and that’s going to lead to more growth. -Bryan Anderson


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Podcast about Matching Annuity Philosophy

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