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Annuity Benefits

When writing and speaking about annuities, I sometimes get caught…
March 4, 2013/by Bryan Anderson

New Index Annuity Calculator

Understanding  the benefits of an index annuity can be a daunting…
March 21, 2012/by Bryan Anderson

Case Study- Is A Fixed Index Annuity The Right Tool For This Job?

This post is one of a series of questions and answers from our…
September 4, 2011/by Bryan Anderson

CD vs Annuity Idea

Okay, we all know there are a lot of people with money sitting…
June 6, 2011/by Bryan Anderson

Index Annuities And Variable Annuities In The News

This week’s focus remains on index annuities and variable annuities…
February 14, 2011/by Bryan Anderson

Factual Analysis of Index Annuities

Fixed index annuities will eventually find their place in the…
January 21, 2011/by Bryan Anderson

The Validity of Fixed Index Annuities

Since I always direct people to search for facts that support…
November 8, 2010/by Bryan Anderson

Fixed Index Annuities- Safety and Growth Amid Uncertainty

Where can one find the best value proposition in the annuity…
October 5, 2010/by Bryan Anderson

Fixed Indexed Annuities vs. Alternate Investments

How do fixed indexed annuities stack up against other investment…
April 1, 2010/by Bryan Anderson

Increase Your Retirement Nest Egg Through Fixed Index Annuities

From an early age, we are taught to work hard, save money, and…
May 15, 2009/by Bryan Anderson

Fixed Indexed Annuity

The Fixed indexed annuity is a booming business. There are billions…
May 14, 2009/by Bryan Anderson

Are Fixed Index Annuities a Good Option For Retirement Savings?

In today’s tough economic climate,  fixed index annuities…
May 13, 2009/by Bryan Anderson

About The Fixed Indexed Annuity (AKA Equity Index Annuity)

We all know by now that saving for retirement is imperative to enjoying our golden years. But what isn’t always clear is where to invest the money that we save. An annuity through an insurance company or financial institution can be a great vehicle for retirement savings as it offers a long-term contract that makes interest payments.
May 13, 2009/by Bryan Anderson

Straight Talk on Fixed Index Annuities

Straight Talk on Fixed Index Annuities
Few products generate…
December 21, 2008/by Bryan Anderson

Posts about Hybrid Annuities

The Benefits Of Hybrid Annuities

A hybrid annuity offers the potential for market based appreciation,…
December 5, 2015/by Bryan Anderson

All You Need To Know About Hybrid Annuity Crediting Methods

Every hybrid annuity, whose core is an index annuity, comes with…
December 5, 2015/by Bryan Anderson

Understand Exactly How a Hybrid Income Annuity Works

The most common hybrid income annuity is a ‘fixed index annuity…
December 5, 2015/by Bryan Anderson

All About Hybrid Annuity Caps, Spreads, And Participation Rates

Hybrid Annuity Caps:
There are three different ‘pricing controls’…
December 5, 2015/by Bryan Anderson

The Definitive Guide To Hybrid Annuity Income Riders And Rates

Hybrid Annuity Income Riders

The hybrid annuity income riders…
December 5, 2015/by Bryan Anderson

Understand The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Annuities

Like all annuities, there are pros and cons of hybrid annuities. The essential first step is deciding if hybrid annuities are right for you is to look thru the good and the bad. That's the only way you can make an informed decision.
December 5, 2015/by Bryan Anderson

How The Rich Play The Market- New WSJ Article

A new article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye.  "How…
May 14, 2013/by Bryan Anderson

The Hybrid Annuity- What You Need To Know

What is a Hybrid Income Annuity?

Since a fair number of people have recently found my site with…
May 23, 2011/by Bryan Anderson

Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Annuities

Time and time again I've made the point that guaranteed lifetime…
November 23, 2010/by Bryan Anderson

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

What are your major concerns when considering how to distribute…
October 18, 2010/by Bryan Anderson