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I have several clients who own annuities but don’t want to take any risk at all.  A person should typically not ever have all assets in annuities but it’s hard to find additional options.  In cases like this it is appropriate to look at alternatives because diversification among safe assets is just as important as diversification anywhere else.   

With the standard portfolio balance of 60% risk and 40% safe, lots of people don’t want to put the entire safe allocation into annuities and some don’t want to put any.  If you’re one of those picky people or if you want something a little different then this is the time to look at options you may not have seen before.

We all know the standard options like CDs and bonds but any of those are not paying much interest right now.  Protecting money is one thing but earning a good yield at the same time is the trick.  This is where I remind you of the advantage of my work this year to develop a network of advisors who share my vision but also offer a different set of services.

A few weeks ago I invited John Balmer on my podcast to talk about market timing.  John is a registered investment advisor who uses more than just annuities as a retirement tool.  We recorded another podcast because he has a few options for safe money that would work well for anyone looking to diversify or just find something that works that isn’t an annuity.

Yes, we’ll talk a little bit about the usual stuff that isn’t paying any interest these days, but John will show you an option that would work really well for solid income and asset preservation.  Check out the video below while we chat about the options available as an annuity alternative.

If you’d like to speak directly with John about this or any other annuity alternatives, make an appointment and I’d be happy to make the introduction.

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