Can You Sell The House And Travel The World In Retirement?

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In today’s Wall Street Journal we have a fantastic article on a totally unorthodox retirement plan.  Instead of worrying about your dream home, or cashing out of your suburban home for a rural property in retirement, Lynn and Tim Martin cash out of California, put their precious possessions in storage, and hit the road.

Years later, their retirement is less expensive, more enjoyable, and more exciting than anything they imagined.

The Martins spent several years traveling the world, renting homes or apartments in Mexico, Paris, London, or wherever their heart desired.  They are not extravagantly wealthy or foolhardy.  Rather, they enjoy getting to know a new place, and taking the time to explore the back roads.  Sounds like a wonderful retirement plan, and they’re doing it on far less money than it would take to live a lifestyle similar to that which they left behind in California.

The Wall Street Journal article is well worth your time, if only to expand your mind.

The Let’s-Sell-Our-House- And-See-the-World Retirement: 

How one couple walked away from all they owned and are putting down new roots— one country at a time.

You can Read It Here:

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