Free Social Security Optimization Report

Social Security can be devilishly complicated to optimize. But it forms the core of a guaranteed lifetime income strategy.

In the past it’s been hard to make accurate recommendations because the rules of Social Security are complicated. So we have recently started using an online tool from

Social Security

With just a few pieces of info, the tool produces a comprehensive report tailored to you that shows you the optimal and most lucrative time to take Social Security.

This report is normally $125, but for a limited time we’re offering it free to new customers as we work it into our practice.

If you have been resisting calling us, now’s a great chance for us both – get yourself a $125 value for free, and we’ll give you an award winning, customize report on your personal, optimal Social Security strategy.

Give us a call at 800-438-5121 today!

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Bryan Anderson

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  1. Hi Than,

    Will SS solutions assist us?
    What info is used to determine SS/ Income optimazation?

    Have a great day

    Frankie and Linda Root

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