How Has The Stock Market Treated You?

I recently came across this article in the September edition of The Atlantic titled The Great Stock Myth that should give everyone something to think about.

We are all taught to believe the the stock market should offer a premium return in exchange for the associated level of risk. That has mostly been true for much of the past century. Recent history, however, shows that the premium steadily decreased as more and more people poured money into the equity markets.

This article mentions a couple of studies, one completed in 1999 that show investors expected annual returns of 30%. Another notes that even after the 2008 crash, one in four investors expects annual returns of 10-20%.

Where do such high expectation originate? Actual performance results over the past decade have been slim to negative in most cases. Forecasts for the next ten years don’t offer much hope, either.

What are your expectations for retirement asset growth? Can you afford to shoulder the risk of the markets without any reward?

It seems a wise move to not rely solely on equities for placement of sacred retirement assets when volatility is least wanted.

One of the fundamental purposes of Annuity Straight Talk is to offer honest information to people who are tired of getting battered and bruised in the stock market. You can safely and predictably grow your assets while assuming little to no risk. It is likely an annuity of one form or another is exactly what you need.

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To read The Atlantic Monthly aricle click here.

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Bryan Anderson

Bryan Anderson is a licensed insurance producer and a career finance specialist. With Mr Pulsifer, he started Annuity Straight Talk to bring his unique views on guaranteed retirement income and planning to a wide audience. He enjoys working with investors around the US from his offices in NW Montana.

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