Longevity Risk In Annuities

Understanding Longevity Risk and Your Retirement Income:

With the advancements in medical care and standard of living worldwide, we are all fortunate to expect longer lives as a result.  On the plus side of more time is the opportunity to do and experience more in life.

From an economic and financial perspective, there are a lot of challenges we face globally.  Failure to prepare for a longer retirement could have serious consequences.

The article I’m recommending this week comes from the New York Times and describes the difficult issues government and social programs face.

The article… The Financial Time Bomb of Longer Lives

Social Security and Medicare are already over-burdened and the majority of retirees aren’t yet participating in the system.  Are benefits safe?  Where will we get the necessary funding to cover the promises these programs have made?

Regardless of what happens with social programs, it is important to control what you can and give yourself the best chance of living comfortably throughout retirement.t

Would safety, tax deferral and guaranteed lifetime income give you additional peace of mind?  Annuities were made to solve problems like this.

For ideas on how you can optimize you retirement income, call or email with questions about escaping the coming Financial Time Bomb.

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