Massive New SMA Inventory

Annuity Straight Talk is pleased to present a significant uptick in available inventory today.  We have a wide range of immediate income, lump sum, cost of living adjusted, and high quality credit deals.  These deals move fast so be sure to check the list. 

Of special note is a large New York Life contract- this is the top of the heap for credit quality, with a COMDEX score of 100 and an A++ AM Best rating.  This 15 year, increasing income stream can fund a great retirement.  Top it off with longevity insurance protection or a deferred lump sum annuity, and you have retirement income all sewn up.

 Give us a call for ideas on how you can secure your own high yield safe investment today, and see some samples below.  Get them while they last!

Secondary Market Annuities Inventory

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Bryan Anderson

2 thoughts on “Massive New SMA Inventory

  1. from Investment News
    How does this recent news come into play??
    Secondary market for annuities comes under pressure
    Interstate group’s decision to allow insurers to terminate guaranteed benefits strikes nerve

    1. Leslie,

      That is an excellent question. The article you refer to happens to address a totally unrelated type of transaction that involves a third party investor purchasing an annuity with a life insurance rider on a terminally ill individual that needs some cash.

      We receive this question so much that we wrote a post to address the misunderstanding. The form of secondary annuity contracts we promote are justified by a Federal statute(USC 5891). Most states have adopted similar legislation to mirror the Federal code. Please view the link to our previous post below for a more detailed explanation.

      Thanks for the inquiry,


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