New SMA Procedures Finally Unveiled!

DCF LogoFor weeks, I have hinted that we had some exciting developments in the Secondary Market Annuities industry.  Finally, here are some more details, and a completely updated Buyer’s guide too that outlines our totally revamped purchase process.

So what’s all this about?

Well, for years we’ve made SMAs a part of our financial planning.  The high yield and period certain income streams have a place in many portfolios.

But one of the main issues with the asset class is the time delay between case reservation and closing.  That, and the fallout….

Too many clients would reserve cases only to find them fall apart weeks or month later.  Lost opportunity cost and broken hearts made the market far less appealing.

Well, we’ve fixed that.

We are proud to finally announce our role as principals in DCF Exchange, the premier advisor’s resource for Secondary Market Annuities. 

After years in the industry, it became clear there is a need for a ground up re-write of the transfer procedure to produce this safer, smoother, and more reliable process.  So the new process is modeled off of industry leading institutions and securitization experts to bring you by far the safest and simplest purchase process in the industry.

The wholesale partner fills a critical role by putting capital on the line to smoothly acquire and process inventory.  We are now wholesale agents as well, and can work with top advisors so they can offer SMAs to their clients.  Naturally, at AST, we are one of those top advisors and are excited to offer our clients a whole new way of doing SMA business!

For advisors, the market is now much more accessible- learn about our advisor resources at DCF Exchange

For investors, here’s a top 5 list of how the new process is superior to all others

1)      A confidential Business Trust purchases each case, insulating buyers from public record documentation

2)      The wholesale entity uses its own capital to commit to each case BEFORE it goes on our inventory- EVERYTHING we have is exclusive, and the legal team is integrated from beginning to end!

3)      We use a best in class payment servicer that allows you to have liquidity! That’s right- we can now facilitate the resale of your SMA payments!

4)      We can fill custom orders with ease and speed

5)      Best of all, we now have IN STOCK inventory that can close in as little as 24 hours!

Please, download the new Buyers Guide to learn about or unique purchase procedures.  Check out the new Inventory List online. And above all, give us a call to discover how good an In Stock SMA can be!


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Thanks for your patience while we put this all together!

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Bryan Anderson

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