Outsourcing Retirement To India

On a lighter note, my retired in-laws can’t wait to go see “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” for a second time.  The trailer for the movie made me want to see it too.  For any of our readers considering retiring abroad, this movie might be well worth seeing before you book your one way ticket. Let me know what you think of it- it’ll be a week before I get a chance to see it.

A group of British retirees decide to “outsource” their retirement to less expensive and seemingly exotic India. Enticed by advertisements for the newly restored Marigold Hotel and bolstered with visions of a life of leisure, they arrive to find the palace a shell of its former self. Though the new environment is less luxurious than imagined, they are forever transformed by their shared experiences, discovering that life and love can begin again when you let go of the past.


Written By

Bryan Anderson

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