Retirement and Annuity Calculators

I’d like to take just a second to notify all members of a new feature on designed to aid in your retirement income and planning projections.

We now have calculators!  It’s always nice to put some numbers behind the answers to your questions.  We specifically wanted to add this to make your research and use of the site more interactive.

View all our annuity calculators:

Fixed Annuity Calculator

Variable Annuity Calculator

Immediate Annuity Calculator

Fixed Index Annuity Calculator


Be advised that these retirement calculators offer general information and number crunching.

For help with using these calculators to illustrate specific products or strategies call now or visit the appointment page to schedule a meeting.

Have a great week…

Bryan J. Anderson

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Bryan Anderson

Bryan Anderson is a licensed insurance producer and a career finance specialist. With Mr Pulsifer, he started Annuity Straight Talk to bring his unique views on guaranteed retirement income and planning to a wide audience. He enjoys working with investors around the US from his offices in NW Montana.

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