Using Annuities to Combat Longevity Risk


AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ACTUARIES LOGOAn actuarial statement regarding annuities and longevity risk has just come across the the PR Newswire.

Longevity risk is of course the risk a person has of outliving retirement assets.  This statement talks about how you can do more with less when using income annuities in retirement.  Apparantly it takes 50% more assets to equal the income generation of annuities.

And this is all according to the American Academy of Actuaries.  I’ve mentioned this several times before but the argument is strengthened with a complimentary study from the group of professional mathematicians.

Further, this leaves little doubt that annuities should play a critical role in prudent retirement income planning.  Whether you have just enough to retire or barely enough, guaranteed income should serve as a foundation.

Now, everyone is different so solid analysis and advice is key to designing a retirement income portfolio properly.  If you are not already a member of Annuity Straight Talk, join today to learn what annuities can accomplish for you.

The report can be found here.