Secondary Market Annuities In Corporate Finance

The secondary market for annuities is traditionally the secret domain of large corporations. With annual distribution of around $700 million it is one of the smaller financial offerings available. A recent press release offers a glimpse of how financial institutions use these secondary deals to profit using companies like for support. The other major benefit of a very bad loans with loans4u, is that the lender may report the borrower’s payment history to credit reporting agencies. This may help the borrower build a better credit rating when payments are made on time. Loan shoppers should confirm a lender reports to credit bureaus in order to ensure they enjoy this benefit.

If you have very bad credit loan, then the bank can run after the guarantor. Of course, you can’t find someone to do this unless you are very close with that person. It can also wreck your relationship if you are unable to fulfill your obligations.

This press release talks about how J.G. Wentworth, one of the biggest players in the industry, just completed a securitization of $265 Million of structured settlements. Wentworth buys various financial instruments like settlements, annuities, and financial obligations through aggressive direct-to-consumer advertising, offering cash now for future payments. You may have heard their catchy radio and TV advertising. 
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J.G. Wentworth buys these contracts, packages them into a fixed income portfolio, and resells them to institutional investors. Of course, they pocket the the spread and make a good business out of doing it. Read the release here.
The key to this is that factoring companies like J.G. Wentworth create high-quality fixed income portfolios that are in high demand from banks, corporations… and insurance companies. An insurance company can conceivably buy a securitized portfolio which may in part be comprised of its own obligations! 
In this we can see the essence of Share Prices – they are such ultra safe and secure financial instruments that they are in demand by the most stable and risk averse institutions. Secondary market annuities thus may indirectly contribute to the safety and yield of primary market annuities.

Ultra Safe, Guaranteed Cash Flows:

Wentworth does on an institutional scale exactly as we recommend to our clients: they assemble many Secondary Market Annuities to create a desired stream of cash flow, but one that is of higher yield than what is available on the open market. Bundled together, these financial instruments become smooth payment streams.   Wentworth’s buyers have the same goals as you: they want ultra-safe, guaranteed returns to add stability to their investment portfolio.

Stefano Sola, J.G. Wentworth Chief Investment Officer phrases it like this:

“The driver behind this decision was the underlying investor appetite and demand for long term access to strong, consistent and predictable cash flows”

Does this sound familiar? Frequent readers of this site will realize that’s exactly the benefit I’ve emphasized all along. A strong, consistent, and predictable cash flow is precisely what individual investors should seek for guaranteed retirement income. Do you believe me yet? 
Consider this: Would you like to get a 3.5% fixed annuity from a company like MetLife whose assets may include this securitized portfolio from J.G. Wentworth, or would you rather get the SAME QUALITY UNDERLYING ASSET yielding 6.5% from me? Seems like an easy decision.

This Market Is Open To You…For A Limited Time:

As you may be aware, I have access to excellent Secondary Market Annuities for individuals.  Though they are available to individual consumers currently, this has not traditionally been the case, nor may this market stay open to individuals for long. While this limited opportunity is available I suggest you take a closer look before the demand from banks comes back, and J.G. Wentworth and others absorb all available inventory and shut off the valve for good.
All the details of these transactions are available for your due diligence before entering the market. Once you reserve a specific contract you can investigate all the underlying facts and make your own independent verification. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity while you can.
This is an exceptional opportunity to increase the yield substantially on the safe portion of your portfolio. Take the opportunity now to get on the institutional side of a financial transaction for a change!
Have a great week!
Bryan J. Anderson

Secondary Market Annuity Brochure Available


Many of you are interested in the secondary market for annuity products but are taking the prudent approach by doing a little research first.  I think that’s a great idea!  And now I have a little more to offer with a shiny new brochure that does a great job explaining these contracts.  The information here is similar to what is available on this site but will go into a little more detail so please let me know if you are interested and I’ll email you right away.

Read the Secondary Market Annuity brochure in order to answer these questions…

  1. What is a secondary market annuity?
  2. What are the risks involved?
  3. How do I buy one?

The secondary market for annuity products presents the opportunity for exceptional fixed interest rates that are likely to enhance the profitability of most, if not all, retirement portfolios.  Is an SMA right for you?  Get the brochure and find out.  The easiest way to get it is to send me an email and I’ll attach and return promptly.  Follow the email link at the bottom to send me a message and put “SMA Brochure” in the subject line.

As for what’s currently available, check out the Secondary Market Annuity Availability list on this site to see if there’s anything that sparks your interest.  You are likely to find anything from short-term deals that handily beat current CD or fixed annuity rates to long-term income deals that offer extremely profitable cash flow over time.

Whether income starts immediately or at a later date, these offers yield far more than you’ll find in the current markets.  The best part is that it comes with the same safety and guarantees of any top rated annuity product.

Check it out the list now and call or email to reserve one of these exclusive annuities today!

Bryan J. Anderson
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Secondary Market Annuity Deals of the Week

As I spend more time reviewing this market, my creative tendencies are coming up with very effective ways of utilizing these great offerings to do some incredible things for retirement plans. 
The initial response has been very positive and several members of the site have been able to secure deals that made retirement dreams even more stable. Be sure to call or email with your parameters if you’d like first shot at a deal that may be just too good to pass up. 
I’ll give you a contextual reason for using each product, although specific objectives will rely completely on your personal specifications.
Call now for more information on how to make this part of your portfolio or for a list of other available offers. We’ve added more information on the site that explains secondary market annuities as well as the process involved in acquiring a contract. It is highly recommended that you review those requirements ahead of time so you know exactly what’s expected when you decide to act.