Reading The Secondary Market Annuity Inventory Page


Reading the Secondary Market Annuities inventory page- watch this quick video to make sure you don’t; miss any details about our inventory.

Click Here for the Secondary Market Annuities inventory page
Sometimes people miss a few key details on the SMA inventory page- watch this brief video to make sure you’re getting all the right info.

Using IRAs and Other Qualified Funds With Secondary Market Annuities


It’s easy to use IRAs, 401k, or other qualified accounts to buy Secondary Market Annuities.

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There are three self directed IRA custodians we work with. Provident, IRA Services, and Gold Start Trust all have familiarity with the asset class. However, Gold Star Trust is head and shoulders above the other two in terms of speed, service, and low cost. They are doing a great job for us and we recommend all advisors use them. Their paperwork will be shown in the video demo.

Great Short-Term SMAs Available Now!

From what I’ve heard, the information shared over the last few weeks regarding the secondary annuity market has helped several people gain a greater understanding of this product class. Stepping into a little-known niche of the financial markets is a major transition for anyone. Understanding all that goes into a serious financial commitment is essential to making a calculated decision.
Because the inventory changes so quickly at times it is my job to let you know where the value is with what is currently available. Most of you have unique objectives so I’d like to highlight one specific area where this market offers fantastic opportunity.
Right now, the short-term deals are hot! Without the commitment of long-term deferred income or lump sum payments, you can secure exceptional rates on three to nine year contracts. Today, those contracts are yielding 4.75%-5.75% in comparison to the rates on CDs and Money Market funds that run between 1% and 3%.
For instance, here are a few quality short-term deals…
·         $66,906 will grow to $75,000 in three years for an effective yield of 4.75%
·         $194,842 will grow to $240,000 in four years for an effective yield of 5%
·         $57,733 will grow to $83,000 in seven years for an effective yield of 5.5%
And that’s just a small sample of the available contracts…
This is an easy decision to make. With so many people unsure of how to allocate capital in a volatile market, many have decided to play it safe. Well, here’s your safety with a little yield to go with it. All of this in a shorter time frame that will give you plenty of flexibility for any changes that may come in the stock market or economy.
Check out the current inventory now and see for yourself. Call or email immediately to reserve a deal that suits your situation.
If this is the type of investment that works for you but you don’t see anything that fits just right, please let me know to keep an eye out for the perfect deal so it doesn't slip away.
Have a great week!
Bryan J. Anderson

[email protected]

Is the Secondary Market Too Good To Be True?

A fair number of people who have requested more information about the secondary annuity market have cast it aside as ‘to good to be true.’ Many other advisors might mention they have never heard of this market. I was personally in the same place six months ago. In order for me to become comfortable enough to recommend these products I had to go through the same process of discovery that you’ll want to go through before buying.
Every objection can be explained so I’d like to share the answers to the two most common skeptical questions in order to clear the air.
Why hasn’t my advisor heard of SMAs?
Secondary market annuities are better known as ‘factored structured settlements’ within institutional circles. You see, prior to 2009 these contracts were absorbed entirely by major corporations. After the credit crisis in 2008, many banks stopped buying these so the companies who sell them started actively searching for additional funding sources. Several partnerships were started with brokers who could offer them to individual investors as the yields offered exceptional value.
When financial institutions purchase these contracts, in many case they will be securitized and offered as a part of a bond or mutual fund, with a watered down yield of course. It’s not all too far-fetched to assume you may actually hold ownership in these as part of some of your other investments.
It’s important to understand the overall market is very small in relation to other financial products. The average annual market for these contracts is less than $800 Million. Of that, less than 20% is available to consumers. That may sound like a lot but it pales in comparison to the $200 Billion annual market for primary market annuities, including all fixed, variable, index and immediate annuities. If banks begin actively buying these contracts again it will no longer be available to you.
How do I know the insurance company will actually pay me?
I consider this a very reasonable concern since you need ultimate assurance when you part ways with a major chunk of savings. There are three key factors that offer certainty as to the outcome. 
First, we have attorneys that review each deal to make sure all issues that prevent the sale are remedied. These attorneys specialize in this type of transaction whether an individual or bank is the buyer. Since they are working on for your benefit they are willing to take time on the phone to explain their experience with this process. By the way, this legal consulting comes at no additional cost to you.
Second, all transfers are court approved and the issuing company is given a court order to redirect the payments to you. It’s easy to verify this through court filings and you are given a copy of this court order at closing of the sale to you.
Third, each issuing company will issue a form acknowledging the court ordered transfer. This document is issued from the home office of each company from a specific division that deals with structured settlements. This document is also including in your closing book and a representative within the company will confirm that your name is now listed as the person who will receive payments.
As I mentioned before, this is all due diligence I performed when deciding whether to offer these deals to my clients. When it’s all said and done, you’ll receive as much or more confirmation of the transaction than you’d get with any primary market annuity.
Since this market is only accessible to a very small number of advisors nationwide, it’s no surprise that few people know about it. Don’t let that stop you. Do your research and find the value. This could be a very limited opportunity so you don’t want to miss it because you didn’t take the time to investigate.
Please let me know how I can help.  You can click here to start learning about Secondary Market Annuities.
Bryan J. Anderson

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Secondary Market Annuity Brochure Available


Many of you are interested in the secondary market for annuity products but are taking the prudent approach by doing a little research first.  I think that’s a great idea!  And now I have a little more to offer with a shiny new brochure that does a great job explaining these contracts.  The information here is similar to what is available on this site but will go into a little more detail so please let me know if you are interested and I’ll email you right away.

Read the Secondary Market Annuity brochure in order to answer these questions…

  1. What is a secondary market annuity?
  2. What are the risks involved?
  3. How do I buy one?

The secondary market for annuity products presents the opportunity for exceptional fixed interest rates that are likely to enhance the profitability of most, if not all, retirement portfolios.  Is an SMA right for you?  Get the brochure and find out.  The easiest way to get it is to send me an email and I’ll attach and return promptly.  Follow the email link at the bottom to send me a message and put “SMA Brochure” in the subject line.

As for what’s currently available, check out the Secondary Market Annuity Availability list on this site to see if there’s anything that sparks your interest.  You are likely to find anything from short-term deals that handily beat current CD or fixed annuity rates to long-term income deals that offer extremely profitable cash flow over time.

Whether income starts immediately or at a later date, these offers yield far more than you’ll find in the current markets.  The best part is that it comes with the same safety and guarantees of any top rated annuity product.

Check it out the list now and call or email to reserve one of these exclusive annuities today!

Bryan J. Anderson
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