The Best Growth Annuity

In lieu of writing much this week I decided to record a video because it will be so much easier for you to see me run through this.  After all the build up over the past month or so with different products and strategies I’m finally getting to the path I like best.  No one can truly say which annuity is best but I’m stating my case below.  Check it out and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Enjoy the weekend!


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Bryan Anderson

4 thoughts on “The Best Growth Annuity

  1. In writing is best for me so I don’t have to lose my time wading thru a bunch of verbage. I’m a bottom line kind of person, so I skip a lot of yammer yammer that others seem to enjoy.

    1. Fair enough Joanne, all but a few of the other newsletter are written so you have plenty to work with. Had I written this out it would have taken more than 30 minutes to read. And in cases like this a lot of people are going to ask for examples so the video was much more efficient for everyone. I hope I’m able to provide something more to your liking next week.

  2. Enjoyed post one of the few that explain the growth annuity product. I read your email every Saturday morning….

  3. Watch this video. Learn about the different indexes before signing up! Search the index(s) and look at the past performance. Read about pt to pt and the other jargon on how/when an account gets credited based on the index.

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