The Validity of Fixed Index Annuities

Since I always direct people to search for facts that support financial products and strategies, I recommend all members of Annuity Straight Talk take a look at this report published by the Wharton Financial Institutions center regarding fixed index annuities.

Fixed Index annuities have a place at the table in retirement income planning.  In the report found here, the authors offer evidence that shows fixed index annuities produce favorable returns in comparison to all other asset classes over the past decade or more.

These products are relatively new to the retirement market so it is useful to have some objective information to help decide whether it’s the right fit for you.

The real advantage to fixed index annuities is the fact that the account values don’t decline when the market drops.  And although positive returns are subject to maximum cap rates, the lower volatility makes the overall gains very competitive.

In addition, because of the more stable asset base, future income guarantees far outpace comparable variable annuities.

When you read this report, start with the abstract points listed at the beginning to get the basic conclusions of the report.  If you’ve ever questioned the validity of fixed index annuities, I suggest skimming the report for verification of the quality of this product type.

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