Why Buy Annuities?

The AP released this article here (EDIT: Sorry, the link seems to have died) last week that does a good job of touching on the basic benefits and drawbacks of using annuities for retirement income planning.

The subject of the article is a couple from Wisconsin who own several annuities and are happy with the assurances the products provide.

It is worthwhile to hear the story of someone else in your similar situation in order to determine if their experience can help you make more confident decisions.

That doesn’t mean you should follow the same path but it may help clear the air by comparing objectives to potential results.

Annuities will continue to grow in popularity as retirement income products but the major downside is the wide variety of available products and dissenting opinions.  With the proper education, you will be able to easily discern objective advice from biased opinion.

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Bryan Anderson

Bryan Anderson is a licensed insurance producer and a career finance specialist. With Mr Pulsifer, he started Annuity Straight Talk to bring his unique views on guaranteed retirement income and planning to a wide audience. He enjoys working with investors around the US from his offices in NW Montana.

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