Allianz 222 vs Fully Guaranteed Income

In this episode, Bryan dives deep into the popular Allianz 222 Indexed Annuity to help you understand whether it’s the right choice for your financial plan. He breaks down a real-life case study where the 222 is a perfect fit for a couple in their early 50s, and compares it to an alternative to see how it stacks up.

You’ll learn about the pros and cons of the 222, including its base income guarantee, potential performance, and possible allocation fees. Bryan also discusses the importance of setting benchmarks and evaluating the likelihood of the 222 meeting or exceeding those income figures.

Bryan walks you through the best case scenario for the 222 and assesses the risks involved in choosing it over a guaranteed alternative. Finally, he shares some advice on seeking a second opinion and exploring other options before making a decision on your annuity contract.

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What You’ll Learn from This Episode:
[2:05] The Most Popular Index Annuity in the Market
[4:05] A Comparative Illustration of Alianz 222 versus a Fully Guaranteed Income Plan
[5:26] Independently Verify all Material Details
[6:12] 222’s Future Income Performance Basis
[8:10] Establish Benchmarks by Identifying the Highest Guarantee Available to Evaluate 222’s Performance
[9:30] The Allianz 222’s Guarantee is Low Due to the Absence of Fees
[12:53] It’s Crucial to Explore Other Alternatives Regardless of Your Decision

Key Quotes:
[13:35] “You are in charge of your actions and decisions.”