Buying the Right Annuity

Education is important, especially when you’re making retirement plan decisions. Annuities can improve your portfolio, but how it does will be all up to you. Most of the time, you’re going to be given two or more options to choose from, but again, it’s important to be well informed and learn how all of these types work before you decide where to bet your money on.

Today, Bryan will share with us an unusual case that landed on his desk. A 75-year-old widow contacted him and asked for advice on the best annuity to purchase for her needs.

And we’ll learn more about it in this episode.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

[5:05] In this market, how do you choose the best annuity?

[10:32] If you use the highest projected return, there’s a possibility that it will work out.

[11:16] Bryan shares a 75-year old lady’s retirement case.

[12:11] What’s the highest guaranteed lifetime payout for 130K?

[13:35] The solution is to improve the portion of the yield of available funds

Key Quotes:

[8:44] “Safety is a primary concern.”

[8:58] “Taking a risk when you are towing the line or walking a tightrope is a very bad idea.


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