Case Study: Guaranteed Income is Back!

Many of us are looking forward to retirement because it provides ease and peace of mind. When you’re on your retirement journey, you, of course, want to make sure you’re financially secure.

Guaranteed income takes the stress away from a portfolio because it provides financial security and predictability. It allows individuals to know how much money they will have coming in each month, which can help them budget and plan for their expenses. This can be particularly important in retirement, as retirees may have limited opportunities to make up for any shortfalls in their income. Guaranteed income can also help alleviate concerns about outliving one’s savings, as it provides a steady stream of income that will continue regardless of market conditions or how long one lives.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

[2:07] How Income Annuities are Becoming the Most Researched Retirement Product Ever Created

[2:39] Why Guaranteed Income is Becoming the Biggest Thing You Can Get from Buying Annuities

[2:49] When Rates are Low, Most People aren’t Compelled to Purchase Income Annuities at a Correspondingly Low Rate

[4:38] Deferring Commissions as Much as Possible

[6:27] Differentiation is Key: To be Great, You Need to be Different

[8:13] If You Don’t Need the Income, You Still Have Control Over Your Asset

[10:51] The FLEX Strategy

[13:04] The Immediate Annuity Term Certain Only Income Stream Option

[15:59] The Pension Lump Sum Represents a Quarter of Their Assets

[17:05] Guaranteed Income Takes Stress Away from a Portfolio

Key Quotes

[14:41] “The income would run out at age 80, but if they left their portfolio alone the entire time, then this is where curiosity wins over skepticism.’

[15:17] “There are a lot of things at play in this, and there’s a lot to work on.'”


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