What Annuities Do I Have?

What annuities do you have?

This common opening question often arises when individuals seek to invest in annuities and reach out to our host, Bryan—the knowledgeable annuity expert. Today, Bryan will guide you through the intricacies of his role, explaining why he is the ideal partner for your retirement planning needs. Additionally, he will shed light on the diverse annuity choices he can provide, ensuring you make an informed decision.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

[1:39] What types of annuities do you currently possess?

[2:31] The meticulous process of selecting an annuity.

[4:14] Acquiring an annuity can be life-altering, which is why it is worth considering.

[5:23] Bryan will assist you in identifying your objectives and discovering the optimal solution.

[7:21] It is crucial to stay vigilant about the market as it undergoes constant changes.

[10:06] Bryan’s role is to help you comprehend the varying worth of different options.

Key Quotes:

“The purpose of an annuity is not to change my life, but to change yours.”


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