Why I Don’t Sell Variable Annuities

Unlike other financial instruments, variable annuities bring the power of investing and insurance meshed together in one retirement product. With variable annuities, all the money that would have been paid in taxes remains in the account with the opportunity to grow until it is withdrawn. There are a lot of benefits when you buy one; you get the flexibility to move your money, legacy protection, income guarantees and more. 

And a lot of people in the Annuity world have been wondering why Bryan doesn’t sell Variable Annuities; this podcast episode will reveal the reasons why.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

[2:20] Variable Annuities are the most popular annuity product on the market.

[6:35] How do you best maximise the potential benefits of retirement?

[8:26] Why are variable annuities the most popular product?

[13:22] Additional fees for contract guarantees

[18:01] Instances where a variable annuity is the best option for the traditional purpose of variable annuities

[24:58] The variable annuity opens a certain type of protection if you want to invest in the stock market.

[31:26] Variable annuities come down to their fees, market volatility and personal preference

Key Quotes:

[4:17] “Variable annuities are what got me into the topic of retirement planning.”

[12:24] “Essentially what they are doing is trying to maintain assets or collect more assets that they can put  on their books as managed.”

[15:23] “If you want the benefit, you have to pay the fee.”


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