So how do you make a wise retirement income decision? Before we go into tactics, lets focus on your strategy….

We’ll stay at the 30,000 foot view I will lay out the main divisions in the annuity landscape.

  1. Lifetime Income, With or Without An Account Value

  2. Fixed Term, Income Or Lump Sum

That’s it.

Without getting into any product types, this is the main division.  Lifetime Income Annuities come in many flavors, and Fixed Term annuities come in many flavors.

So how to choose? Options are often the enemy of action.   army-knife-sc44There are annuities like a Swiss army knife, that do lots of things.  They can be great and flexible.

But if you know you need a screwdriver, use a screwdriver… not the ninth blade on the back side of the knife!

And likewise, if you ONLY need a knife, don’t buy a crappy knife that is bundled with a screwdriver, pliers and a toothpick that you’ll never use!

And if you need both, isn’t it better to get a great knife, and a really good screwdriver, for the same price, and have two quality tools in your toolbox?


My mission here is to help you determine the type of screwdriver and knife you need, and get you the best deal on these tools so you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are accomplishing your goals.

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