Variable Annuities For Retirement Income

Over the past decade, insurance and variable annuity companies have added benefits and riders that make variable annuities for retirement income planning much more appealing.

Find Out Why So Many Choose Variable Annuities For Retirement Income

Variable annuities offer a direct investment in the securities market and give individuals the greatest opportunity for asset growth but also the greatest risk. That is precisely why certain guarantees in each contract are so valuable to consumers.

Foremost among these is the future income guarantee that is attached to the vast majority of variable annuities sold over the past few years. Future income guarantees allow the variable annuity contract owner to count on a specific level of future income regardless of how the investments perform.  This is a critical component given the recent economic uncertainty and market volatility.

A guaranteed level of future income is the foundation for an optimal retirement income plan and will enable individuals to be more aggressive with alternate investments where appropriate.

Sign up with Annuity Straight Talk to receive the free Annuity Report, which includes the Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) report that clearly details the features and benefits of variable annuities with guaranteed income riders. Knowing that a certain level is guaranteed for life no matter what happens is powerful.  Annuities are the only private investment that can offer such a rich benefit.  For the right individual, a variable annuity for retirement income that offers guaranteed lifetime income may be the perfect solution.

While we don’t sell variable annuities, this website would not be complete without some information on how variable annuities work and their pros and cons.  While variable annuities do make up the majority of annual annuity sales, we use safer, more guaranteed methods of creating stable retirement income.  It you have a question about an existing variable annuity or want to consider other alternatives such as Secondary Market Annuities or Hybrid Annuities, please Contact Us.

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