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Welcome to Annuity Straight Talk.  I am an annuity expert and can tell what works and what doesn’t for a given situation.  Here you will find advice and tools free of charge to make an informed decision, unbiased by any particular company or product.  You need these tools and techniques to determine first whether an annuity is the right choice and if so the best contract for your needs.  If you’re working with an advisor or trying to confirm a recommendation, verify what you’ve been told by the information available here.  If you like what you read and need help finding a solution, I am available to help.

Annuities can be used to solve many retirement concerns.  In basic form an annuity is the place to protect assets.  In addition it can be used for more specific purposes like generating lifetime income or balancing a portfolio to reduce risk.

With everything available and the overabundance of opinions, it can be hard to come to a reasonable conclusion.

That’s why I call it Straight Talk.  No agendas or B.S., just fundamental information so you can educate yourself on all the options available.

It’s true that many agents are out for self-gratification but even so, within the products available in this industry is likely a solution to one or many of your biggest concerns in retirement.

All videos and reports on this website are free of charge so please help yourself to the opportunity to discover for sure the right answer to your questions.

If you’d like to learn more, click the banner on the right side of the page to download the Index Annuity Report.  If you’d like a deeper conversation then feel free to call or make an appointment on my calendar below.

Best of luck!



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