Will Annuity Rates Rise in 2023?

Will annuity rates rise this 2023?

While it’s impossible to know for sure if annuity rates will rise in 2023, there are various factors that could potentially influence them. Economic conditions, fluctuations in interest rates, and changes in the insurance industry can all play a role in determining annuity rates. 

To make informed decisions that align with your financial goals, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date and seek guidance from a financial advisor. Bryan, as an expert in this field, can offer valuable insights to help you determine whether the answer to this question is a “yes” or a “no”.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

[1:34] Can we expect a rise in annuity rates in 2023?

[4:55] What factors have caused a decline in 10-year rates?

[5:10] An annuity aligns perfectly with your long-term financial objectives.

[9:02] Don’t wait for rates to increase – take action now.

[9:48] The management of company insurance assets carries significant responsibility.

[10:22] It’s an excellent opportunity to secure a fixed income right now.

[10:37] Keep your options open and commit to short-term plans for greater flexibility.

Key Quotes:

[3:14] “You got to form your opinions, and listen to expert’s advice.”

[10:54] “Timing is a critical factor in making decisions.”


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