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Licensed in All 50 States

Annuity Straight Talk Featured in Forbes.

We are proud to announce that Annuity Straight Talk has been featured in Forbes, a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing expert financial advice and annuity solutions.

Does your retirement financial plan give you MORE money?

The Annuity Straight Talk FLEX Strategy™ is a retirement investing framework that’ll give you the ability to capitalize on market volatility, prevent against ever losing money, allow you to tackle inflation and keep 100% in control over your money forever.

It’s the core mechanism behind the 41.8% increase in retirement income we’re often able to engineer for our clients at Annuity Straight Talk. Simply fill out the short form on this page to find out more.

Do you want to increase your net worth through retirement?

The Annuity Straight Talk Flex Strategy™

  • Flexible income stream for life so you can spend with greater confidence throughout your retirement
  • Control over your money so you can access it, and reinvest if markets change – You’re never locked in!
  • Guaranteed and increasing income so you can relax knowing your money will be there month in and month out and have the same spending power down the road – even with inflation!
  • Potential for growth linked to a market index upside without the market downside so you can feel rest assured your principal is protected
  • How simply avoiding income riders can help you achieve 11.3% more income right out of the gate
  • How to achieve your target income level with less money allowing you to diversify and spread risk