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I got an annuity with Bryan earlier this year and honestly I have not checked my account once, shame on me, but I knew what I wanted and he helped me choose the right annuity for my needs. My main goal is to not lose money, and if I make some, well I just call that lagniappe! I’ve known Bryan for a few years now, because he has sold a few annuities to my S.O., and I like him. He shoots from the hip and if you don’t like that kind of personality, we’ll just say that’s on you. I know I can pick up the phone anytime and I’ll get a call back. Thanks Bryan….now add me to your emailing list 🫣

Vickie Boudreaux

Love working with Bryan! He has spent many hours talking with my husband and I, educating us about annuities and helping us create our retirement strategy. That was before we purchased products from him. He continues to answer any questions we have and often has to re-educate us on things we have forgotten. Thank you Bryan for your time and friendship. We look forward to working with you for years to come.

Stacey Whelan

I have been with Bryan for four years now. While the market has not been kind with my annuity I have not lost any money. I may not always totally understand all Bryan tells me but I do try and research, check my tolerance level and ask more questions. He has always been patient. Next year my 5 years are up and I am trusting he will guide me once again. He is not all knowing with the market – no one is but love his down to earth approach to things. Learn what you can on your own then listen to what Bryan has to say, you just maybe surprised. Thank you Bryan

Rachel Clermont

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