How To Protect Your Assets, Generate Income, and Increase Your Net Worth

Throughout Your Entire Retirement...

Discover a retirement index annuity strategy that gives you… A flexible income stream for life 100% control over access to your money Better growth linked to market upside All without lifetime locked in commitments.

This free video series gives the exact strategy Bryan uses for putting you in the best financial position possible so you can enjoy retirement on your terms.

Don’t leave your retirement to chance. Watch the nations leading safe money experts as they walk you through the pros and cons of different types of annuities, and then reveal a smart, safe money strategy that gives you more money through retirement.

"100% Free Video Series Reveals A Smarter Index Annuity Strategy"

The Flex Index Annuity Strategy is the core mechanism behind the 41.8% increase in retirement income we’re often able to engineer for our clients at Annuity Straight Talk.

Bryan Anderson

Founder, Annuity Straight Talk

What's Included In This 100% Free Index Annuity Strategy Series?

  • The 5 critical questions to ask about any index annuity contract. (And the correct answers to look for)
  • Strategy vs. Contract Components: which is more important – and why?
  • Why many financial professionals look at Guaranteed Income the wrong way and how you can do it differently (and much less expensively)
  • The 4 core reasons to consider an index annuity as part of your retirement strategy. (If none of these apply to you, you probably don’t need an annuity)
  • How to protect your assets, while getting the best yields possible
  • Plus, an updated checklist to make sure you don’t make the most common annuity buying mistakes…

Pros and Cons of Index Annuities

Poorly structured index annuities have

  • Low Cap and Participation Rates
  • Long Surrender Periods
  • Complex Crediting Methods

Properly structured index annuities have

  • Gain Without Loss
  • Guaranteed Income Without Volatility
  • Safety AND Control

Here’s what others say about Bryan Anderson...

Bryan Anderson is a trusted financial planner that we’ve been able to rely on

My wife and I were originally concerned about being over taxed with forced withdrawals in retirement. Bryan gave us a sensible strategy that has minimized fees and given us more flexibility with our money. Bryan has been a trusted financial planner that we’ve been able to rely on consistently over the years.

Mike A Indianapolis, Indiana

“A safe alternative to my retirement savings plan…”

I had searched long and hard for a safe alternative to my retirement savings plan. Bryan’s information and advice on annuities helped me understand how to use them to my advantage and protect my money.

Dawn H Akron, Ohio

“Bryan’s strategy is sound and simple to understand…”

My biggest concern was market risk causing a major loss in my portfolio value. Bryan showed me how to do 2 very important things: #1 how to protect my portfolio from market volatility and #2 how to avoid annuities with hidden fees. His information is sound and simple to understand.

Bob M Lubbock, Texas

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