Bryan J. Anderson

Most people need to know exactly with whom they are dealing with when seeking advice and information online. Taking the leap to do business remotely takes a tremendous amount of faith and confidence. I’d like to introduce myself so you can become comfortable enough to begin the conversation.

I was born and raised in Montana in a great family with a long tradition of farming and ranching. By the example set by my father and grandfather, I learned to rise early, work hard and get the job done. Excellence in everything through honesty and integrity are core values I was fortunate to witness on a daily basis. When the work was done and play time came, we stayed outdoors and developed a passion for the rugged mountain lifestyle of Northwest Montana.

Bryan J. Anderson

Expectations were always high as all the boys were told we couldn’t get a driver’s license until we had achieved an Eagle Scout ranking. I did it by the time I turned 15. From there the focus turned to personal development through competitive athletics. Hard work led to good fortune as I was able to excel to the point where I was awarded a Division I Track and Field scholarship to the University of Montana.

Although it was a good scholarship, it wasn’t quite enough to cover college costs, so I had to supplement that with a summertime job as a fishing guide for Glacier Raft Company near Glacier National Park. What a way to spend the summers! After a few years, I took that one step further and worked as a fishing guide for one of the world’s greatest adventure lodges in Southwest Alaska at Crystal Creek Lodge. Both of these employers still run those companies and would certainly provide a reference if you want one. Be careful, though, as they might try to sell you a fishing trip when you call.

Bryan J. Anderson

Throughout those summers my desire for success in business blossomed when many of the successful people I guided offered me advice on how to use my finance degree. Several of those people have been wildly successful in the corporate world. A few became clients and and continue to offer guidance as I build this business just as they built their careers. At the time, career building was an afterthought since my priority was to take my athletic career as far as possible. The collegiate peak came in 2002 where I competed in the Decathlon at the NCAA Div. I Track and Field Championships at Louisiana State where I finished in 9th place and received All-America honors.

I continued training to take a shot at my lifelong dream of being an Olympian. I competed in the decathlon at the U.S. Olympic trials in 2004, and although I missed qualifying for the Olympics it was a great experience being part of such a talented pool of athletes. The goal was to initially be more competitive in 2008 but my financial career had begun in late 2002, and the overlap of two challenging endeavors each took a little away from the other. Post trials, it was time to move on and build my business.

Bryan J. Anderson

Once again, I found good fortune and learned excellent personal financial planning strategies from a first class group of advisors at Northern Rockies Financial Group in Missoula, MT. My aversion to risk blended well with people who disliked the unpredictable nature of the equities market. After all, the dot com bubble had recently burst. I immediately made an impact with financially conservative clients by introducing the safety of annuities into a portfolio. At that time, fixed annuities were paying 6%-7% and anyone who took my advice then is extremely happy with taking the safe route for the past decade.

Can you imagine what your portfolio would look like absent the volatility of the past few years? Well that’s why I decided to take my message online. I’ve always been independent and ready for a challenge. The early success of this venture tells me I have struck a chord with hundreds of people. My approach fits with certain people- but not all people. Based on my experiences, I can tell you one thing about myself with absolute certainty: give me a problem to solve and a deadline, and I will do it.

I want to hear your story and help you solve problems.

That’s been the best part of meeting all the members of this site -My true measure of success is in the number of people I help. Thank you so much for becoming a part of this community. I look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.