Buying An Annuity: 5 Critical Decision Tools

Any investor buying annuities must contend with a barrage of sales pitches, glossy brochures of happy couples walking on beaches, fearful Wall Street Journal articles about Ponzi Schemes and defrauded investors, and worst of all, ill informed friends, neighbors, and other Schmexperts who offer unsolicited and generally uninformed advice when you least expect- or want it. But fundamentally, for investors seeking security, appreciation, guarantees, and simplicity, buying an Annuity can be like finding an island of calm in the storm. Here are the critical factors that you will need to understand to make an informed decision on an annuity.  If you understand your needs, and if the Suitability Quiz indicates that an annuity may be a good option for you, then screen products with the information outlined below, and detailed throughout The Annuity Report and this Website.

Surrender Schedules
Interest Rates
Current Yield
Yield to Surrender
Renewal Rate History
Free Withdrawals
Bonus Rates
Issuing Company Credit Rating

These are the critical components that you must use to judge and throw out competing offerings.  There is a lot of garbage in the Annuity universe, so if, after all your research and learning, you’d like a to speak with an Annuity Expert, please Contact Us

Last Updated on February 1, 2023 by Bryan Anderson