Help at Home for Covid-19

I’ve had the privilege of meeting several exceptionally talented people that contribute to society from all sectors of our economy.  Most people wouldn’t want to be mentioned on the website so I’ve not made a habit of featuring clients, but we are in the midst of unique circumstances.

Meet Jacob Mirman, a physician in Minnesota who has been on the front line of treating deadly illnesses homeopathically for many years now.  His work has been incredibly successful at treating the seasonal flu and even Ebola.  It’s not a vaccine or a cure, just a simple and natural way to boost the body’s immune system.  An excerpt from his website is below:

Homeopathy has been used with great degree of success in influenza and other epidemics for 200 years all over the world. In the 1918 flu pandemic homeopaths reported around 1% mortality in their cases, while conventional doctors were losing 30% of their patients.

I’ve never been a fan of putting chemicals in my body so have always stayed away from antibiotics and to this point my immune system hasn’t been degraded because of it.  In fact, a few years ago I read an excellent book titled “Indian Givers” by Jack Weatherford.  It talks about the contributions of Native Americans to our current society in terms of food production and many other things, including natural treatments for pain, illness and disease.  I highly recommend this book if you like history or like a good book and I’ll bet you would be surprised to notice a few things you take for granted that came from natural remedies of the past.

As for Jacob, he puts similar things in practice and does it effectively.  My wife read through his website and purchased many of the recommended items at our local health food store.  If you have any concerns then you have nothing to lose by taking a few simple and cost effective steps to boost your immune system.

Jacob is able to meet virtually for anyone who needs direct treatment and the list of recommended therapies are available on his website.  Even if we had a cure or vaccine, wouldn’t you rather get through it without putting chemicals in your body?  And don’t forget, the flu happens every year so when this is over you might still want to keep it in mind.

Check out his website below and contact his office if you need help or have questions.

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