Fixed Index Annuity Calculator

This index annuity calculator neatly illustrates the power of the annual reset and index-linked crediting strategies utilized in Index Annuities.

Utilize the start years on this calculator to see how an account would have performed over many many years.  It’s just amazing to see.

Index Annuity Calculator

Once you outline if an index annuity is for you and you use the index annuity calculator above, you can consider the addition of a lifetime income rider.

When the benefits of an index annuity are combined with income riders, the resulting contract is sometimes referred to as a ‘Hybrid Annuity’ because it is a hybrid of the index annuity benefits we’ll detail below, and lifetime income benefits often found in other types of contracts.

Equity Index Annuity… Or Fixed Index Annuity… Or Hybrid Annuity…. Which Is It?

Index Annuities, Fixed Index Annuities, and Equity Indexed Annuities, all mean the same thing. These are all the same insurance product, but with different labels.

The correct name is a ‘Fixed Index Annuity’

Fixed Index Annuities may form a part of your guaranteed foundation if you are seeking protected growth, and if you seek growth + income an index annuity with an income rider may be appropriate. In this section, we will explain how these annuity contracts work, how you select, and what to watch out for, and the riders you will find.

The term ‘Equity Index Annuity’ is an older term not in use as much anymore.

‘Equity’ infers a stock market or ‘equities’ element to consumers.

‘Equity’ is quickly associated with securities and the Securities Exchange Commission, who likes to regulate things like mutual funds and stocks and bonds.

Indexed annuities are squarely insurance products however, and not governed by SEC, FINRA, or other securities regulating bodies.

While there was a threat of SEC regulation in 2008-9, the insurance industry successfully fought off the SEC and FINRA and that cancer is now in remission.

The insurance industry is already heavily regulated, and frankly, the SEC and FINRA did such a great job regulating Enron, Bernie Madoff, Alan Stanford, and all kinds of other fully regulated crooks, that we in the insurance industry don’t feel we need their kind of help one little bit.