Take The Pension, Or Get An Annuity?

Insights Into Making The Right Choice For A Worry-Free Retirement

Both pension and annuity plans can be excellent options for saving for retirement. Still, they differ in how they operate and the level of control the individual has over their savings. Determining the choice depends on the individual's unique circumstances and financial goals.

In this episode, Bryan compares the differences between pensions and annuities, to show you how to determine which could perform best in a given situation, and which is better performing overall.

Before you buy an index annuity, it’s critical that you understand HOW the tool can be used to either give you the retirement you want. Otherwise, you could find yourself locked in an expensive contract.

If you have specific questions about an annuity, please reach out to Bryan directly.

Avoid Making Mistakes & Take Control Of Your Retirement.

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Here’s what others say about Bryan Anderson...

This is the only podcast I listen to every single week!

My wife found this podcast because we were concerned about being over taxed with forced withdrawals in retirement. Bryan's podcast episode on eliminating fees got us hooked, and now it's the only podcast I listen to every week!

Mike A Indianapolis, Indiana

“A safe alternative to my retirement savings plan…”

I had searched long and hard for a safe alternative to my retirement savings plan. Bryan’s information and advice on annuities helped me understand how to use them to my advantage and protect my money.

Dawn H Akron, Ohio

“Bryan’s strategy is sound and simple to understand…”

My biggest concern was market risk causing a major loss in my portfolio value. Bryan showed me how to do 2 very important things: #1 how to protect my portfolio from market volatility and #2 how to avoid annuities with hidden fees. His information is sound and simple to understand.

Bob M Lubbock, Texas

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