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The Risks Are Magnified When Moving From Assets To Income

Stock brokers, money managers and most investors are hard-wired to seek growth. Appreciation of stocks, companies, and economies is priority #1. Investors and managers always look for an edge or a ‘deal’ to grow and build assets.

But when it comes to producing INCOME from those assets, a whole new set of skills is needed. There are different tools, different risks, and different objectives. Asset accumulation is NOT income optimization, and your stock broker is definitely not up to the task.

Your Retirement Income Expert

You need advisors with a different set of skills to maximize portfolio safety and minimize retirement risks. Moving from accumulation to decumulation- the orderly drawdown of assets – requires a retirement INCOME expert to put you in a position to outlive your expectations, and not outlive your money.

In retirement, what you have is not nearly as important as what you have to spend. Therefore, guaranteed income, and preferably income that cannot be outlived, is the cornerstone of responsible retirement planning.

Now, this guaranteed income does not need to be locked in today. Honestly, a guaranteed outcome is what we seek- that may mean implementing guarantees now that create lump sums and options years in the future. But using guarantees now to ensure that your future is secure immediately opens you to new options and mitigates risks.

Risks Before And After Retirement

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You Face New Risks In Retirement