2023 Bank Failure Apocalypse

The 2023 Bank Failure Apocalypse is a growing concern among experts as multiple financial institutions could fail. In the event of such a crisis, people could lose their life savings, leaving them with no financial security for their retirement years.

Annuities offer a solution by providing a reliable income stream, even if the banking system collapses. These financial products are often backed by insurers, making them a less risky investment and a safe haven for retirees seeking financial stability. Here’s John Balmer and Bryan to help you understand this phenomenon. 

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

[1:03] Retiree Essentials in the Modern Age

[9:32] Navigating Economic Headwinds Beyond Banking Issues

[9:47] Safe Investment Strategies: Putting Your Money in Cash-Flush (Insurance)  Companies

[13:39] Unequal Insurance: Comparing Coverage for Individuals vs. Businesses

[17:51] Analyzing the Daily Chart of the S&P 500

[26:11] A Long-Term Perspective: Examining the S&P’s Historical Trends

[30:08] Managing Risk in Portfolios, The Importance of Proper Strategies

[30:35] There should be equity exposure for upside growth but you have to do it the right way

Key Quotes:

[11:49] “The banking system is all about the  confidence game.”

[30:09] “Proper risk management in a portfolio is key.”


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