7 Ideas For Retirees in 2023

Another year has gone by, and we appreciate you sticking around with us as we talk about everything annuities (and more). In this year-end finale, John Balmer and Bryan Andersson will give you seven things to add to your retirement list as another chapter unfolds. 

We hope to see you again in 2023 as we keep serving and helping you with your financial and retirement goals. 

Until next time…

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

[2:00] Seven things to do in retirement in the new year

[4:09] Changing beneficiaries in your 403B

[5:50] Re-assess and re-evaluate risk tolerance

[7:49] Annuities are not for greed. It’s all about protecting money

[8:13] Rates will be lower in six months

[9:49] Taxes and rough conversions

[10:49] Annuities are tax-deferred vehicles

[16:13] How can you plan your retirement spending ahead 

[17:05] Buying annuities

[19:46] Life is too short not to enjoy spending your time with the people you love

Key Quotes:

(20:39) “We do it because we are driven to help others make their lives easier.” 

(20:51) “We enjoy what we do, we like helping people, and make a great living while doing it.”


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