Annuities for Dummies with Kerry Pechter

Kerry Pechter started the Retirement Income Journal about the same time I started Annuity Straight Talk. Since then he has become widely known for his sharp and accurate reporting of all matters of retirement financial services. Most of his work comes from the industry side of the business and the service provided was invaluable for top-notch advisors who wanted to stay on top of the game.

We met when Kerry was researching entrepreneurs in retirement and found an early version of my website. His interest in my work was drawn at first from a connection we had that I didn’t know about. His journalism career started at a newspaper in Billings, MT so he knew my home state well. That may have been one of the only reasons he even contacted me. Looking back now my website wasn’t very good at the time.

With his work as the founder and editor of the Retirement Income Journal he has developed relationships across all corners of the financial services industry that include institutional executives and all of the biggest names on the academic research side of things. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Kerry and appreciate the friendship that has grown over the years.

In 2008, Kerry wrote and had published the first edition of “Annuities for Dummies”. I always thought it was cool that I know one of the authors of the popular book series. Just last year he was working on an updated version of the book and the 2023 edition hit the shelves on July 20th. I had the privilege of editing one chapter of the book and am honored to have the AST Flex Strategy covered and my website mentioned a few times in the new book.

I encourage everyone to take the time to listen to my short interview with the man I call “the advisor to advisors.” We talk about what’s different in the new version and he shares some of his unique thoughts about the business. I was more than happy to grant his request to advertise the new edition on my podcast and hope to have him back soon to talk about other important topics. If you want to know what that is then you’ll have to listen until the end. It’s the last thing we talk about.

Enjoy this episode and feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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Last Updated on September 21, 2023 by Bryan Anderson