Annuities Slow Down Time

I graduated from college almost 20 years ago.

When I think back to that single point in time it seems as if those 20 years just disappeared. At a college reunion last year it took me by surprise to truly feel as if those times happened just last week. Many of you may feel the same way at different points in your life because time flies by as we get older.

It helped me put things into perspective when, instead of thinking about two points time, thinking about all the points in time between. Then it’s fun to realize all the things that have been packed into that time period. In the midst of my 18 year career in financial services, I took a trip to the Olympic trials, spent more than 40 weeks fishing in Alaska and traveled all over the US by either highway or horseback.

Being a bachelor most of that time certainly helped because it gave me lower living expenses and more freedom. If the next 20 years are similar, it will all add up to a rich life and for that I am grateful.

Yes, time speeds up as we age. Each year that passes is a smaller percentage of our lives. For a child, birthdays and Christmas seem so far away but for me they seem to come and go so quickly that it’s not quite as exciting as it used to be.

Right now I’m headed for my annual fall elk hunt. It has been a year but it seems like yesterday. Time slows down if I stop to think about all the little things that happened in between. 50 weekly newsletters is a great way to help me realize how much has been fit into the past year.

Annuities slow down time because it gives you something to expect that may seem a long ways away. Owners are always waiting for a check to arrive, for performance on anniversaries or for surrender periods to end. When the world is zipping past the annuity just sits there, doing what it’s supposed to and giving you something to look forward to.

Obviously I know this because I deal with people who own annuities and it happens all the time. On an annual basis things may seem to move slowly, but it balances your life just like it does a portfolio.

As I ride into the hills today, I’ll be moving slowly and will take time to think about all that has happened in the past year. For many people, annuities have been the best part of life on the financial side. The world is changing faster than it ever has but annuities will slow it down for you and keep things consistent for those who like more gradual changes.

Wish me luck on the hunt and please be patient with any response. I’ll be able to text and email at least once per day so I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Last Updated on December 8, 2023 by Bryan Anderson