Best Growth Fixed Indexed Annuity: Midland National RetireVantage 10

Bryan Anderson, founder of Annuity Straight Talk, speaks with Ashok Ramji, a financial consultant with TOP Planning LLC, an independent asset protection and retirement income planning firm serving retirees and pre-retirees alike. In this episode, they share their thoughts on Midland National’s RetireVantage 10 contract.

When considering an annuity, you need to look at the protection factor, the growth potential, and what restrictions are in place. Bryan and Ashok present the upsides and downsides of this particular annuity, weighing in on additional benefit riders, the advantage of having diverse strategies, and the guaranteed values for accumulation/death benefit.

They then discuss how the RetireVantage 10 contract can be used for income planning or funding life insurance. After looking at the applications of this annuity, they look into its design. Bryan and Ashok also talk about carriers and end the show with the benefits of working with Annuity Straight Talk.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [09:30] Who can use this annuity
  • [10:20] The pros and cons of additional benefit riders
  • [12:00] The 4 different index options in the contract
  • [18:15] On the surrender charge schedule and penalty-free withdrawals
  • [21:22] An overview of Bryan’s allocation for a hypothetical case
  • [28:22] On an automatic benefits rider that allows for early exit, market value adjustments, and the versatility of the RetireVantage 10 annuity
  • [35:02] On account value true-up, enhanced participation rates, and maximum performance
  • [42:10] What Bryan and Ashok like about Midland National and RetireVantage 10

Key quotes:

  • “How do you use an annuity for accumulation purposes?” ~Ashok
  • “Index annuities allow you to leverage low interest rates to get an acceptable rate of return on safe money.” ~Bryan
  • “It’s nice to look at the upside and the big flashy numbers, but it’s very important to start with a conservative  assumption.” ~Bryan
  • “We’re not always right, but we’re going to try to [have] your best interest in mind.” ~Bryan
  • “Sometimes the participation rate in a fixed index annuity can change year-to-year.” ~Ashok


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