Elk Hunting And Annuities

As many of you know, Bryan likes adventures. He went on an elk hunting trip three years ago, and it taught him to live in the moment. It’s been quite a while since he took a break, and this is the time of year when he likes breaks the most. Getting the mules out on the trail and exploring the beautiful and remote parts of his state is his favorite thing to do. He’s thankful that his job of selling annuities helps him have the freedom to do things he wants without worrying about his clients.

The thing he likes most about annuities is how consistent they are. It protects his business and, at the same time, he gets to spend more time testing creative strategies to get more yield. Regardless of politics or economics, annuities are safe and allow you to focus on your passions and hobbies in retirement. As you continue to find the best approach to retirement, try considering annuities and keep in mind the benefits that you can reap from them.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

[4:34] Annuities remove the issue of second-guessing

[6:14] When managing finances, you have to learn from your mistakes and improve things while you can.

[6:27] Annuities are simple, easy, and consistent.

[9:40] Bryan talks about his elk hunting trip.

[10:3]  Bryan shares his favorite part when elk hunting 

[16:57] Annuities, to some extent, allow you to slow things down and let you pay attention to moments that go by.

Key Quotes:

[5:16] “Everything in life is a choice.”

[7:45] “Go put your feet on the ground one time a day.”

[17:35] “Life is too short to be anybody but exactly who you are.”


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