Video 2: Annuity Straight Talk Guide Series:

How To Choose What’s Best For You

Report #2

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How Do I Choose?

Step one in choosing what’s right for you is to know your goals. Just what is it that you need an annuity to do for you? Do you need income or growth? Income for a specific number of years, or for life? Growth for yourself, or growth for inheritance? These are just a few of the starter questions we’ll go over when we speak on the phone.

But, in the big picture, we always look to the strongest guarantee possible. Honestly, that’s what an annuity is all about – guarantees. Consider an annuity for what it is GUARANTEED to do, not what it MIGHT do.

Once you start focusing in on what you really need, it’s a lot easier to hone in on the best way to achieve those goals. And, we’ll always look for the most inexpensive way to accomplish your goals and leave your additional assets alone.